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Nathan and Samuel would like to introduce you to Storybook, an investment opportunity that we believe you will find interesting. We would appreciate your time to read through our business proposal. If building the future memory platform is something that excites you, we would love to discuss further…

Welcome to the Storybook



Everybody loves to reminisce, look through old photos and share memories with friends & family. The decline of hard-back photo albums presents the need for a digital platform dedicated to storing a lifetime of memories, for ourselves and future generations.

Investment Summary

Investment Target: £154,000

Investment Raised: £55,000 (36%)

Stage: Start-Up/MVP


  1. 2 committed co-founders - both Ex-Microsoft & previous business owners.

  2. Proven monetization model through multiple revenue streams.

  3. Established advisory board - backed by CMS & exclusive founders networks.

  4. Validated market, with pre-launch signups & growing social media presence.

  5. Five-year acquisition objective - create the global memory app - grow & sell.

The Business

The world takes too many photos and videos. Our camera rolls are full, our social media only contains our ‘most flattering’ images and it’s hard enough finding photos from 6 months ago, let alone 6 years ago. 


There is no dedicated place for storing memories. We believe there will be an application in the future, where we can scroll through a timeline of all our best memories – anything from your first steps to your wedding day, a day-out or holiday, each Christmas and everything in between. Beyond that, a platform for passing on memories to future generations, so our legacies live on. Storybook will become that go-to platform.

A mobile app providing a new way to store memories and share moments privately with friends and family, forever. 

The Market

The ambition is for all ages to use Storybook for documenting their life story.

To maximise growth, we recognise a need to focus our efforts within a defined market, taking an iterative approach to start small, test different user-groups, adapt & improve our product based on feedback, and continue learning. Our plan is to start with Universities, expanding to young parent groups, travel agencies, wedding planners and sports events.

  • Universities provide a mass audience and a market with the highest propensity to take photos, download apps and provide feedback.

  • Young parents love the idea of their child having a lifetime of memories in one place.

  • Events (sporting, music, travel) present large groups wishing to remember the same moment.


  • Tested the idea with the student and young parent markets for positive feedback and validation they need this product.

  • Social media & online CRM system currently growing organically - 400 pre-signups.

  • Designed the scope of the app (MVP + Runway features) with an award-winning app development firm, for business & technical qualification – we have a contract ready to sign.

  • Established advisory board – CEOs, founders, innovators, for monthly steering committee.

  • Project plan – weekly activity list for the next 12 months, including scheduled testing groups with each market.

  • Accepted onto CMS Legal Accelerator - ensure our company is future proofing its shareholding structure.

  • Part of an exclusive London Innovation network for resource sharing.

Future Objectives

  • The long-term objective is to grow over the next 5 years, achieving a sufficiently large user base that we are acquired by an industry giant for a sizable valuation. Exemplified by Facebook's acquisition of Instagram.

  • The immediate objective is a 12-month runway to build a minimum-viable-product, test it with different markets and improve the application based on the feedback and data analysis. We expect and have budgeted for at least 3 product iterations in this raise.

  • The intention is to have a product with a defined market, desired functionality and growing user-base before the next raise - expecting to take development in-house, start large marketing cycles to grow our product nationwide and implement our revenue streams.

The Team

Nathan Moore



Building technology businesses from age 13, Nathan has run various innovative micro-businesses before joining tech giant Microsoft, where he was the highest selling intern, surpassing his £2 million revenue target. To focus all his energy on Storybook, Nathan completed 1.5 years of his degree at Warwick University in under ten weeks.

Samuel Worsley



A British entrepreneur possessing three years experience at the tech giant, Microsoft, accountable for a portfolio of $10m revenue software implementations across EMEA. However, Sam is ultimately excited by the potential impacts of Storybook on his own life and those surrounding him.

The Investment Deal

Currently raising £154k for 14% equity in our first seed raise, for a 12-month clear runway.

Raised £55k to-date for 5% equity of the company.

Seeking a further £99k for 9% equity.

Ordinary share classes & simple shareholding structure.

Contact Details


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